The Karla the Dog series

The Karla the Dog series!

The Karla the Dog series provides high quality academic lessons developed from state standards to create educational experiences at school, home, or anywhere!

CQ is currently developing the series Karla the Dog. The series will allow parents, teachers, siblings, or anyone an opportunity to join Karla on her adventures while teaching educational concepts that include literacy, math, science, social studies, social-emotional, and many more. The goal for the series is to create learning opportunities that are supported by national standards, at home, at school, or anywhere.

CQ enjoys educating adults on how they can support young, diverse learners and stresses the importance of continuing education at home and making a connection between home and school life. It is vital for parents to have an understanding on how to support their children at home. It’s not enough that children spend 1/3 of their day in school; extending lessons learned at school at home will only support the growth of the child academically. The value of this series let’s adults or older siblings teach through reading and participate on adventures while providing all the needed supports to create a structured educational experience in the least stressful way.