Sight Words

June 23, 2014

There are plenty of fun ways to practice and learn sight words! Check out the list of sight words per grade level below and the different opportunities to practice sight words.

Activities your child can do to learn sight words:

  • practice writing them
  • draw or cut a picture out that represents that sight word
  • find a newspaper and play Find the sight word game where they have a sheet of sight words and they must find those words in a newspaper and they can circle the sight word on the newspaper.
  • play I spy a sight word by walking around your community and seeing if your child can identify sight words in their community.
  • if your child is older and using the 3-5th grade sight words, have them define the words along with practice writing them.
  • you can play a bingo game where you write down a list of vocabulary words on a bingo sheet and then randomly call out the sight words or hold up the card for the child and they can say the sight word out loud and then find it on their paper.

The goal for sight words is for a child to be able to identify the word immediately when they see it; they should not be trying to sound out the sounds in the word. This is why it is very important to practice identifying, writing, and reading sight words. I have worked with 8th grade students who struggled on basic sight words which later hurts their comprehension because the student is busy trying to identify the word rather than come to a conclusion about the text they are attempting to read.

These templates below are a list of Dolch Word List per grade level:

K sight words         1st grade sight words        2nd grade sight words

3rd grade sight words  4th grade SIGHT WORDS    5th grade SIGHT WORDS

I always do a mini pre-test on words prior to teaching them. This is a great way to see which words your child knows and which one’s they don’t. I would only review up to 4-5 a week and have your child practice daily! A strong reader is one who works on foundational skills so they can focus on comprehension rather then trying to just read.