Karla the Dog: Island of Mysterious Wonders

Karla the Dog and CQ decide to take the advice given by Karla’s deep-sea adventure friend, the day octopus, and safely land on the Island of Mysterious Wonders. However, they encounter a problem with their boat that sends Karla the Dog off on another exciting adventure into the unknown. While exploring the island with a map in paw, Karla is startled, or surprised, when she meets a new friend who has a problem that he needs help with. Karla the Dog agrees to help her new friend and the two set off on a adventure where they meet other animals in a odd way and build communication skills. This story supports the following concepts: Math, Vocabulary Development, Social-emotional, Comprehension, and Literacy.

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Check out some illustrations from the book!

Here are some fun worksheets you can do with your child!  What happened in story   Setting of Story   Favorite Character   Coloring Sheets

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