Karla the Dog: Deep-Sea Adventure

Karla-Deep Sea- Book CoverOne day Karla the Dog and her owner CQ are boating in the sea when all of a sudden Karla feels their boat begin to rock. She notices that a creature is reaching from out of the deep-sea and causing this movement. Karla the Dog decides that she wants to explore this mystery and asks CQ to help her prepare for this exciting adventure. As she puts on her gear, CQ warns Karla the Dog about the changing weather and asks her to hurry and be safe.

As Karla the Dog jumps into the deep-sea to begin her adventure, she meets new creatures that tell her interesting facts about themselves in a fun numerical way while also following black ink coming from some mysterious place. She ultimately discovers what caused her boat to move and learns about impending, or upcoming danger and a safe place for shelter. Come along with Karla the Dog on this fun adventure while learning about who lives below in the deep-sea. Please visit www.karlathedog.com to learn more about Karla and her adventures.

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Karla the Dog: Deep-Sea Adventure has reached #40 on the children’s best sellers list for animals: marine life.

Best seller of the month: June 2014 for Mirror Publishing!

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