Food Allergies: Your school might not be doing enough to protect your child!

CQ Wilder

October 26, 2014

I have been in multiple schools where children are eating peanut butter, chocolate being passed out by the teacher (I’m guilty of that), and nuts all over the place!!!! YEP!!!! That can be very scary for your child who may be allergic to the world…or just peanut butter. The worse part is that there are students with allergies and the teachers have no clue because the school either didn’t ask the parents, didn’t get the documentation, or just didn’t inform the teacher. These teachers are worried because, even though they are “CPR Certified,” let me tell you a secret….IT’S AN EASY TEST TO PASS WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO READ THE INFORMATION. I’m just trying to keep it real, you know?

So, why am I writing this article?

One of my former students who was in 2nd grade when I met him told me he was allergic to peanuts when I tried to give him a chocolate bar. It was then when I learned more about allergies and how much food can cause a child to have a reaction, possibly deadly. I taught that child how to read labels and what to look for when given food but this method can only go so far. To this day, I worry about him because I know schools aren’t always “peanut-free” or “nut free” and for some, just smelling a certain food could possibly kill them.

School can be a killer?

So, the schools… known as a safe place..a place to learn..a place to grow…a place to die? Well, some schools aren’t doing enough about helping children who have allergies or supporting the staff. Many teachers don’t know who has allergies and who doesn’t. Yes, some may ask the student or their parents, but the school should be doing more. Don’t assume your child’s teacher has all this information about your child because there is a high likely hood they either have limited information or none at all.

So, what can you do?

  • First, TALK TO THE TEACHER!!!! Tell the teacher that your child is allergic to mold, or to nuts, or to whatever. THIS CAN SAVE YOUR CHILD’S LIFE! Ask the teacher what type of snacks they may pass out during class for rewards? There could be hidden dangers!!!
  • Second, INFORM THE SCHOOL. Give the school documentation from the doctor stating what the medical issues are and make sure they give that documentation to the teacher.
  • Third, CHECK OUT THE SCHOOL NOW! Pop up one day and walk around the school. Do you see anyone eating things that your child is allergic to? The best time is to go during snack or lunch. This is a great opportunity to see what everyone is eating and what potential harms your child may have to confront.

The main point!

Lastly, TEACH YOUR CHILD ABOUT THEIR ALLERGIES! This should be your number one concern! A knowledgable child can live a long life…but one that isn’t, could die before they graduate. Teach your child how to read labels. Show them what to look for. Teach them how to ask what is inside of certain food. Pack your child’s lunch. Teach your child CPR and First Aide so they can take care of themselves if that is possible.

Live a long life full of adventures!

I can’t stress enough the importance of keeping your child safe. As a parent, I’m sure you know first hand the dangers a child can face. However, it’s more than just keeping them warm, giving them the new Jordan’s that come out, and keeping their hair nice. None of these things will keep your child alive if they end up going to school and eating some sort of nut that will be the last thing they eat forever.