Education Connection

The education connection page provides insight into the education world. As a teacher here in D.C., I have spoken to many parents and fellow teachers about the struggles their children or students experience. One struggle that is very important is how to continue learning at home and that is why this page was created. Let’s look into some concerns of heard from parents and teachers.

Here are a few questions I have been asked by parents are:

  • How can I extend lessons learned at school at home?
  • How can I teach my child if I am not a certified teacher?
  • What strategies do you have that I can use at home?
  • How can I help my child behave at home like they behave in your classroom?
  • Where can I find resources to use at home with my child.

Here are a few questions I have been asked by fellow teachers:

  • How can I differentiate lessons to meet all the diverse needs in the classroom?
  • How can I set up a classroom that promotes a positive, academic environment?
  • How can I communicate with parents?
  • How can I help parents understand the importance of reading to their child at home?

These are just a few of many questions I have been asked over the last 4 years of my teaching career. I think it’s very important to have parents involved and working with the teacher and their students to show that education is important and that there are many opportunities to learn with not much effort and are available for free in the world!

Tabs under this page will include:

  • Articles written by CQ to inform parents and teachers about educational concepts.
  • Comprehension worksheets per book
  • Writing worksheets
  • Comprehension questions per book